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Sure, you know that buying rock salt in bulk can save you money and make your life a whole lot easier, but do you really need bulk quantities of the stuff? Will you really use that much deicer this year?Before deciding that you can get by on a bag-to-bag basis, we suggest that you do the math. First, measure the square footage of your driveway, sidewalk, patioand any other surfaces where you plan to apply rock salt or other ice melting products.

You will then need to multiply the square footage of your coverage area by 3.1. This will tell you exactly how many pounds of rock salt youll need to apply per snowfall or rainfall during freezing periods.Next, divide that number by in order to determine how many bags you must buy. Because bags are included on a pallet, anyone who needs more than bags would be best served by purchasing in bulk.

Rock salt distributors,Even if your home doesnt quite qualify, you might consider getting together with a neighbor or group of neighbors. By combing your rock salt needs, you cantake advantage of bulk rock salt ratesand split the cost amongst yourselves. Everyone wins!

Save Money

Obviously, the biggest perk associated with buying rock salt in bulk quantities is that youll end up saving quite a bit of money. Justhow much money you can save will depend on your supplierand the specific brand or type of material that you choose to work with.You can typically expect to save several dollars on the bag when purchasing by the pallet over by the individual bag, though, and when you add up the total number of bags, this turns out to be a very significant saving!Put that money towards your holiday shopping or a fun excursion with your kids during their winter break!

Beat the Crowds

When the first storm of the year hits, people go crazy. Suddenly there are news reports about the masses scurrying out to the stores to stock up on supplies at the last minute, hoping to beat the snow before the storm clouds come rolling in.Do you really want to get caught up in that mess? Savvy USA residents make the decision to buy up their entire stock of bulk rock salt well in advance so that they dont have to worry about fighting off the crowds in order to obtain the ice melting materials that they need.When people panic, bags of rock salt,and otherdeicing products, fly off the shelves like hot cakes, and you run the risk of stores temporarily running out of stock. This will send you on a wild goose chase around town looking for a store that has a large enough inventory to cover your needs.Save yourself the trouble and order up your bulk supply now instead of later. You wont regret it.

Avoid Going Out in Inclement Weather

When its cold, snowingor sleeting, the last thing you want to do is go outside. Why would you leave your warm, cozy home if you really didnt have to?Unfortunately, thats what a lot of USA homeowners find themselves doing on the coldest of days when they have go out of rock salt or ice melt. To be able to prevent their driveways and sidewalks from becoming giant ice skating rinks, these people find themselves forced to brave the elements to be able to get some more ice because of their homes.Not only is this inconvenient, but its also a safety risk. Buying everything in bulk simultaneously will be sure you dont need to make any unexpected or dangerous trips this winter.

Prevent the Need to Skimp

Is there anything worse than scraping the bottom of your barrel of one’s rock salt supply, just crossing your fingers and hoping youre not likely to have to make yet another trip to the store before the winter finally decides to come quickly to an end?If you had made the decision to buy your rock salt in bulk this year, you wouldnt need to worry about trying to cut corners and skimp on your own rock salt to make your provide last.

Remain Unaffected By Rock Salt Shortages

In recent years, weve seen winters drag on unexpectedly long, and as a result, many local stores have run out of rock salt before the winter found an end. Thisleft numerous homeowners without any rock saltto protect their properties.Dont set yourself for this type of disaster. Purchasing a bulk supply well beforehand will have you well situated to create it through the longest of winters.