How To Choose The Right Gas Log System

This simple step-by-step guide can give you a good notion about making the options that are befitting your home as well as your taste. Its important to talk to your local Real Fyre dealer for expert information also to answer your questions. But here will be the key issues to consider and understand when choosing your gas fire place set up.

First, know your venting options

Gas Log Collections are usually split into two categories, Vented and Vent Free. Each venting option has its advantages. If you are choosing gas flame products for an existing fireplace, check to see which venting system happens to be in place. If you are choosing fireplace products for a new fireplace consider the distinctions between both of these options


More realistic and natural looking fire than vent free

Must be installed in a completely functioning wood eliminating fireplace

Majority of heat is lost as it rises the chimney (warmthing output is comparable to burning lumber)

Produces some soot when fire touches log


Delivers more high temperature in the home than vented gas fires

Should be installed in a fireplace approved for a vent-free log set

Installation is at the mercy of talk about & local codes (some areas do not allow vent-free)

Direct Vent Systems

Large viewing area showcases fire to entire room

Choice of gas or propane models in three sizes to fit most fireplaces

Flexible heat output with dual burners (D & D)

Specially crafted Real Fyre Burnt North american Oak and Split Burnt North american Oak logs with dancing flames and glowing embers closely simulate a real wood fire

Powerful CFM blower distributes heat quickly and quietly


Match Light

This option is for natural gas only. There is absolutely no pilot, only the logs and burner. Your fireplace is lighted by placing a match or lighter near to the burner, then turning on the gas with your key valve. You control your fire height making use of your key valve which is normally located outside the fire place either in the wall membrane or floor.

Manual Safeness Pilot

This technique has a safety pilot that is manually lighted and stays lit on a regular basis. Also called a standing up pilot, it is comparable to a pilot within a water heater. You can change the burner on / off manually by achieving inside your fire place and turning the control knob. Manage to survive operate this type of system with a handy remote control, however, you can update later.

Remote Control

Remote Control systems include a remote pilot valve assembly. Depending on the remote option you select, you should have the ability to control certain functions of the log arranged from a remote control. Remote manipulated options include basic on/off control and also changing flame height control.


Gas Logs can be purchased in two gasoline types, GAS and Liquid Propane (LP). You may curently have a lines installed in the fire place, in which particular case the gas you burn up will be decided. If there isnt a collection, then you will need to choose what fuel type you would like to use.

*Check to see which petrol source your equipment currently use. When you have a natural gas heating unit, dryer, stove, or other machine, then gas is the likely choice. When you have kitchen appliances that use propane, then decide on a gas log establish that uses liquid propane. In case your home doesnt have plumbing for either gas type, then check locally to ascertain which gasoline would be best for your area.