How To Choose The Best Battery For A Solar Energy System

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP - JUNE 2: Contractors install 1248 photo voltaic modules on top of a Kohl's Department Store roof June 2, 2010 in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. The project is part of a SunEdison Corporation contract with Kohl's, a nation-wide department store. Electricity generated by the solar modules will cut Kohl's usuage on average by 25-30 %. SunEdison, based in Beltsville, Maryland, uses 10-15 types of modules depending on availability. Chinese-made modules are used at this site. Kohl's signed a 20-year contract with SunEdison to receive electricity at reduced rates from the public utility company. State and federal tax incentives help individuals and commercial enterprises cover costs of solar module installations. SunEdison is North America's largest solar energy supplier. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

here are certain specifications you need to use when evaluating your solar battery options, such as how long the solar battery can last or just how much power it can offer. Below, find out about every one of the conditions you need to use to compare your homake use of energy space for storage options, and also the several types of solar batteries.

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How exactly to compare your solar storage options

As you consider your solar-plus-storage options, youll stumbled upon a great deal of complicated product specifications. The most important ones to make use of during your analysis would be the batterys capacity & ability evaluations, depth of release (DoD), round-trip efficiency, warranty, and supplier.

Battery for Home Solar Systems Capacity & power

Capacity is the quantity of electricity a solar electric battery can store, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Most home solar batteries are made to be stackable, meaning that you can multiple batteries together with your solar-plus-storage system to obtain extra capacity.

While capacity tells you what size your battery is, it doesnt tell you just how much electricity a electric battery can provide at confirmed minute. To have the entire picture, you additionally need to consider the batterys ability rating. Within the context of solar batteries, a vitality rating may be the amount of electrical power a electric battery can deliver at onetime. It is assessed in kilowatts (kW).

A battery with a higher capacity and a low power score would deliver a minimal amount of electricity (enough to perform a few crucial appliances) for a long period. A battery with low capacity and a higher power rating could run your complete home, but only for a couple of hours.

Depth of release (DoD)

Most solar batteries need to retain some charge all the time because of the chemical composition. If you are using percent of an batterys fee, its useful life will be significantly shortened.

The depth of discharge (DoD) of a battery refers to the quantity of a batterys capacity that has been used. Most manufacturers will designate a maximum DoD for optimal performance. For example, if a kWh electric battery has a DoD of percent, you shouldnt use more than 9 kWh of the battery before recharging it. Generally speaking, an increased DoD means youll be able to work with more of your batterys capacity.

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Round-trip efficiency

A batterys round-trip efficiency represents the quantity of energy you can use as a percentage of the amount of energy which it took to store it. For instance, if you supply five kWh of electricity into the battery and can only just get four kWh of useful electricity back again, the battery has percent round-trip efficiency (4 kWh / 5 kWh = %). In most cases, a higher round-trip efficiency means youll have more monetary value from your battery.

Battery life & warranty

For some uses of home energy storage, your battery will cycle (charge and drain) daily. The batterys potential to carry a fee will gradually reduce the more you use it. In this manner, solar batteries are just like the electric battery in your cellphone you demand your phone every night to utilize it throughout the day, and as your mobile ages youll begin to observe that the electrical battery isnt having as much of a demand as it have when it was new.

Your solar electric battery will have a guarantee that promises a certain range of cycles and/or many years of useful life. Because battery performance by natural means degrades as time passes, most manufacturers will also warranty that the battery keeps a certain amount of its capacity during the period of the warranty. Therefore, the easy answer to the question just how long will my solar electric battery last? is the fact that it will depend on the make of battery you get and and how much capacity itll lose as time passes.

For instance, a battery might be warrantied for 5, cycles or years at percent of its original capacity. Which means that by the end of the warrantee, the battery will have lost no more than thirty percent of its original capability to store energy.


Many types of organizations are developing and creation solar battery products, from automotive companies to tech startups. While a significant automotive company joining the vitality storage area market likely has an extended history of product making, they may well not provide most cutting edge technology. In comparison, a tech startup may have a brand-new high-performing technology, but less of any background to prove the batterys long-term operation.

Whether you select a battery produced by a cutting-edge startup or a company with a long history will depend on your priorities. Analyzing the guarantees associated with each product can give you additional assistance as you make for you to decide.