Does Hardwood Flooring Increase My Homes Value?

In a word, heck yes. (Okay, thats two terms, but still.)

Hardwood floors are the preferred type of flooring. Why? Because it looks the best, its the most durable, and if properly installed can last you the longest.

Because theyre so popular, not merely will they drive up your homes value, it’ll actually make it easier to sell. Wood flooring could be a complex installation, however the result is a highly adaptable surface which can be adjusted to match anyones taste.

In fact, the National Association of Realtors actually found that hardwood flooring can increase your homes value-per-square-foot exponentially. Hardwood floors are very popular among younger buyers, and do especially well in areas with temperate climates.

Several anecdotal reports have even placed a return of investment (ROI) selection of up to %. That means that homeowners added more than twice the value of the flooring change with their homes overall value.

Beside the immediate benefit to your homes value, you get even more in the long term.

Because hardwood is indeed versatile and durable, it’ll keep adding value to your house as time passes. This is because other flooring will breakdown and require maintenance because the years go by. Thousands of footsteps, crazy dance parties, holiday gatherings as well as renovation to various other parts of your home can wreak havoc on your floors. Hardwood will be a champ through everything, and it can easily be refinished otherwise. Other flooring isnt quite so helpful.

So, while hardwood will cost you more upfront it will save you thousands over time.

Just with its appearance alone, hardwood can make any theme work. From modern to antique to artful, hardwood adds the warmth and radiance to bind every piece of furniture together and make everyone feel welcome.

The problem with other flooring with respect to ambiance is that they cant adapt to changing themes so easily. Carpet cant be re-colored, laminate comes set from the manufacturer, and certain tiles cant be painted over. Wood could be refinished inexpensively.

And, heres an angle you probably didnt even consider: taxes. Hardwood floors are considered a capital improvement, and will result in a major sales tax reduction in most states. Neat, huh?

Overall, the primary advantage of hardwood floor as it relates to home value is that youll have the ability to leverage it for home sale.

When youre selling your home, even if its not the buyers ideal dream house, it will still have the upper-hand over a home with a better layout because its cheaper to change a wall or two than it is to rip out an entire home flooring system to replace it with hardwood.

If you have carpet flooring, on the other hand, the buyer will have to instantly replace it after closing. Hardwood is indeed adaptable that buyers can make it work with any initial arrangement, providing them with a flexibility in their budget they wouldnt have otherwise.

The final verdict is this: if you can afford the initial investment, hardwood floors will definitely pay dividends over time.