Dodocool-usb Adapter Wi-fi Dongle For Desktop

When you are going to purchase a wireless adapter for desktop your own house and office, you need to consider some particular things such as the distance it can handle, protocols that it supports, and the amount of antennas it has for a reliable linking. The main objective is that the wireless USB adapter for desktop computer must work great by your router plus other connection devices similar your laptop, tablet, etc. The Dodocool will be a suprisingly low price and tiny USB adapter for desktop plus laptop Computers. It supports the newest wireless .ac standards which outcome in better speed plus reliable connection. Dodocool Mini wireless n usb adapter connects your laptop otherwise pc to a current cellular network otherwise upgrade a present network toward an .n system through the USB 2.0 connector. It enables you to enjoy wireless speeds as high as Mbps above the two 2.4 GHz frequency band, safe Web surfing, faster file transfers, improved audio streaming, in addition to greater cellular coverage.

Features plus Specifications:

It offers Mbps speed on 5Ghz frequency band plus Mbps haste at 2.4Ghz frequency band

It offers uninterrupted video streaming, onlinegaming, plus internet calling over your personal computer

Easy setup plus installation by your pc in addition internet router

Derives with -day cash back guarantee in addition to -month spare warranty

Small plus compact, easy to carry in a purse, a laptop bag otherwise even yet in your pocket. With speed up to Mbps on 5GHz or Mbps at 2.4GHz, Wireless USB Adapter supplies a fast .ac wireless link. Proposing cellular operation on whichever the 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz bands, Cellular USB Adapter is faultless for continuous streaming of HD movies plus music, gaming, emailing, surfing the net in addition to more. Support .ac standard-The next age group of Wi-Fi. Up to 3 times quicker transfer rates than wire less .n standard, it could easily upgrade your wireless connectivity toward ac standard. Afterward installing the hardware driver, plug it within an accessible USB port on your own desktop computer otherwise laptop, in that case your computer connects toward wireless network.

Wall Mounted Wireless Variety Extender is designed to spread the Wi-Fi coverage and increase the signal strength of a current wireless network to remove dead zones. With the 2.4GHz wireless network linking, it supports up to Mbps of broadcast rates. With up to meters of wireless exposure to eliminate dead spots. By up to meters of wireless direct exposure to remove dead areas. Spread your Wi-Fi link and deliver dependable wireless signal to hard-to-reach regions perfectly.Use maximum routers and comply by IEEE .b/g/n standards, so there is no need toward upgrade your current system. Switchable AP mode can connect toward a wired network and convert the wired Internet directly into a Wi-Fi access point.

Simply inset the setup CD plus install the driver, in addition to then plug the adapter directly into a USB port on your PC. By the Soft AP functiupon, you may make a Wi-Fi hotspot for cellular devices in addition to share your web access.