3 Ways To Know Its Time And Energy To Change Your Gutters

The hands of a worker fixing a drain from a scaffold

Gutters protect your home from water damage. Listed below are three signs its time and energy to get new gutters.


Ceiling leaks could mean you need a new group of gutters. A wet ceiling could also mean your gutters are filling because of all the debris (twigs, stones, leaves) stuck inside them. This might cause water to seep down into the ceiling and walls. Consequently, stains or pockets of drinking water may form. If the pockets of water break, you should have leakages on your floor, which can cause its own set of damages. If you see this happening, check your gutters and make sure their passages are clean so water can drain properly.

If you find that your gutters are extremely clogged and hard to clean, you may need a new set of gutters.

You might also notice leaks in the basement area of your home. Basements are prone to flooding for a variety of different reasons, but bad gutters can contribute to the problem. If the gutters are causing a leaky basement, youll want to get this issue resolved right away before mold grows.

Damage and Wear

Sometimes you can tell if you need new gutters by simply looking at them. Conventional gutters have seams where one piece fits into another- like a puzzle- to form a larger cavity. After wear and tear, you may notice your gutters are coming unfastened or ripping in the seams. If you notice wear at the seams it might be time to replace them. Consult a contractor, though, some of these repairs can be fixed with sealant or nails.

Another sign you need new gutters is if you see rust or holes on the gutter pieces. This would be an obvious reason why your gutters arent performing well. If you see signs of wear and tear like this, youll want to replace your gutters as soon as possible. Broken nails, falling pieces are another sign youll would like to get new gutters. Hanging pieces would also be a safety hazard for pets, children, or anyone walking around the exterior of the home.

Moist Wood and Peeling Paint

If you see brittle wood or peeling paint, this is a sign that the gutters are no longer doing their job, because moisture has ruined the wood or paint. If you notice this problem, check the condition of your gutters in the area where this is happening. In the case of moist wood, youll want to get this resolved. Moist wood attracts termites, which cause more damage to a homes foundation.

If you want your gutters to take care of you, you have to take care of them, too. Consult a professional if you need an estimate for new gutters.